Totale Showroom uitverkoop.  

De nieuwe collectie komt eraan ..... uitverkoop de gehele maand Januari.

Tevens scherpe aanbiedingen op nieuwe bestellingen, kom langs en profiteer in Wommelgem en Soest.

Zondag 6 en 27 Januari geopend van 11:00-16:00

bathroom inspiration

badkamer inspiratie

We get our inspiration for our bathroom development from all over the world. Sometimes when we drink our coffee's, sometimes on a long journey. Very often we find our inspiration in the wonderfull nature from the Netherlands.

 We established Van Heck Bathrooms because we wanted to make bathroom products that we like ourself. Every product has got the Van Heck feeling.

We created a collection of bathrooms, inspired on a villa at Long Island, a chalet in the French Alps and a cottage on the Belgium coast. We remain charmed by houses with a soul and interiors in wich people live but more important live their lifes.

Bart & Philip